Our Firm

About us

BluePath Capital Management is an investment advisory firm focused on alternative investment management strategies not offered by traditional banking and investment firms. We use unique tactics to measure risk and protect portfolios from market volatility. Our strategies attempt to find non-correlated returns in both up and down markets while using market momentum to profit in low volatility environments. We like to think of ourselves as "new school" in investment thought but maintain "old school" fundamentals of charting and analytics. Understanding risk and how it affects portfolios is our mission.

Leveling the playing field for institutional alternative investments. As financial markets have changed, so should your investment management strategy.


Our Strategies

Markets can be unpredictable, making it difficult to consistently time the markets or pick outperforming stocks. Reducing downside risk can significantly impact wealth creation. Our goal is to seek consistent returns while protecting portfolios from large market declines.

Hedging techniques aim to minimize risk by purchasing at or near-the-money put and call options. We use longer term puts, which offer the greatest cost efficiency and stability, and then maintain that protection by rolling the hedge annually or bi-annually. In today's low interest rate environment, some of the old management techniques like allocating a greater portion of assets to bonds, isn’t necessarily the best defense. By hedging equity allocations with options, we can continue to participate in some market upside while preserving capital on the downside.
Alternative Income
The goal of our alternative income strategies is to capture the option premium generated by volatility in the stock market. Our strategy attempts to add income to a portfolio without exposure to rising interest rates. Strategy returns are non-correlated to both equity and bond markets.
Equity Growth
By partnering with data mining firms, we can monitor the digital footprints of over 2,000 publicly-traded companies. After comparing data patterns, our managers discovered a high correlation between the changes in demand for a company’s products and changes in the trajectory of its digital signal. We use this demand projection to identify potential revenue trends that are not yet priced into markets.
Institutional Real Estate
Utilizing a multi-manager, multi-strategy, and multi-sector approach, we provide clients access to private, institutional real estate securities alongside some of the nation’s largest endowment and pension plans. We offer investor access to a portfolio of institutional real estate investment funds managed by top-ranked institutional managers. The goal of institutional real estate is to provide income, capital appreciation and low correlation to equity and debt markets.